The Arabic word halal means ‘authorized’ (the literal translation being ‘permissible’) for Muslims, as opposed to harâm, which means ‘forbidden’. Halal food is food that Muslims are allowed to eat because their religion approves of it. Halal foodstuffs are subject to a rigorous control system. For halal meat, all animals should be slaughtered in compliance with Islamic law, in a certified halal slaughterhouse.

Certified manufacturer

PITTAMAN Ltd offers a wide range of halal validated products, all officially certified by Halal Expertise. Established in Belgium, Halal Expertise specialises in certifying halal products manufactured in Belgium and other European countries (www.halalexpertise.com).

They apply a very strict procedure including regular audits in which they take samples of products that are subsequently subjected to DNA tests in a laboratory. They not only control the raw materials but also cleaning products, machine lubricants, storage facilities and other elements with regard to food safety.

The last audit in our company shows that the examined products meet all the requirements to receive the halal label. It concerns:

  • Authentic Kebab slices
  • Pita / shoarma chicken strips
  • Pita / shoarma turkey
  • Super chicken

The audit’s report further specifies that all suppliers of animal products to Pittaman Ltd should be able to provide a valid halal certification.

Importance of IFS- en ACS-certifications

As a manufacturer of ready-to-eat pre-fried IQF[1] meat products, Pittaman Ltd has a reputation to keep up. Quality and food safety prevail. Our products not only need to meet customers’ expectations, they also need to comply with the existing legislation, which over the years has become ever more stringent.

International Food Standards (IFS)

IFS (International Food Standard) is an inspection protocol operated by several European retailers to verify if their suppliers fulfil all the necessary requirements. The IFS standard’s specifications are high: the company must implement a HACCP[2] approved quality system that covers the environment, the product, the process and the personnel. The annual controls indicate that Pittaman Ltd meets all the requirements of the IFS standard.

Auto-control system (ACS)

ACS (or auto-control system) is an inspection protocol drawn up by the FASFC[3]. It entails a number of legal demands as well as rules concerning food safety. If food companies are able to meet these demands they can receive the ACS certificate. This certainly applies to Pittaman Ltd.



[1] Individually Quick Frozen

[2] Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, a risk inventory for food

[3] Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain